List of abilities available each time you level up. On each selected, you get one level of the ability.

Name Descripion
Healthy Gain 5 hit points
Nimble limbs Gain one evasive point
Good learner Gain experience 5% more rapidly
Far sight See 2 squares farther
Bullseye Hit point is added 1 point
Juggernaut Protection is augmented by 10%
Master chef Food offers 10% more satifaction
Haggler Prices are better with merchants
Lust for life Hit point regenerates 5% faster
Hoarder Give an extra slot to inventory
Knockout Unarmed damage +2
Ninja Unarmed hit +2
Skull crusher You make 10% more damage with melee weapons
Marksman You make 10% more damage with ranged weapons
Long shot You can shoot one tile farther with ranged weapons